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Collaborative Murals

using art as a tool to Educate 

Over the year 2020 and 2021 the Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay inside and stop for a moment in an otherwise very fast world .....this period i believe, force people to grow back in love with art being it as a means of expression or therapy through the hard times and as an artist who's practice involves the human experience. 

I belive public art projects are more essential than ever. 

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TATE Exchange x Pempeople


INxSANIxTY Art Workshop at Tate Modern as part of Pempeople's Southwark Untold where we created sculptures from paper and tape.

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The Africa Centre

A Collaboration with the Africa Centre and Borough academy 

Having this in mind INxSANIxTY Art in collaboration with the Africa Centre joined forces to address some of these issues using art as a tool to teach why given young children the opportunity   to create Art while Educating them on some prominent figures from the Africa Continent. 

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Exhibitions and Tours

Creative ways to create and consume art 

Art as an entry point to a bigger dialogue about a bigger subject.

in its creation an consumption my art has three major principles  to teach the audience about myself, themselves or to push creativity in general.

haven said that with every exhibition I am a part of i have days dedicated to mini tours where i take people through the exhibition and talk about the feelings that provoked the art as  I provide context and stories behind the artwork 

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Tuntimo kids &flametree Collective

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