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Sani Sani-Mohammed, (INxSANIxTY) a contemporary Visual artist from Peckham Southeast London, INxSANIxTY work in a range of mediums, from digital art to wood and oil painting on canvas. INxSANIxTY describes his work as poetry with a functional aspect to it divided into 3 major parts first to teach the audience about themselves through art, second to teach the audience about his self and  culture and finally to push creativity and trigger feelings being it good and happy or bad and emotional with subject matters, inspired by his west african (Nigerian) heritage, London culture and social commentary.

Photographed by shemuphotography



Born in London, on the 3 of june 1993, but moved to Nigeria at the age of seven, while in Nigeria INxSANIxTY was exposed to a multitude of cultures and where he first learnt he was artistically gifted he lived there for the next 8 years before returning back to London in 2008. upon arrival he joined the air training corps where his love for aircrafts intensified, thinking he wanted to join the air force as engineer or pilot he attended southwark college 2009-2011 studying in science and electronic engineering before going on to  study for an aeronautical engineering degree in the university of Brighton. while at Brighton he spent his free time drawing and creating Art and by the second year of studying in Brighton it became clear to him that being an artist was more of his true calling. 

In the summer of 2014 he returned to London and started studying for a new degree in event management while simultaneously starting up INxSANIxTY art, self studying what it takes to be an artist, perfecting his craft and learning how the art world works. 

INxSANIxTY Arts is a contemporary visual art force lead by myself Sani Sani better known as inxsanixty.

it comprises of visual artist, musicians, poets, photographers and creators.

we all come together to collaborate on projects and we set up pop up exhibitions not to mention supporting each other in anyway we can.

I am of the believe that with more creatives collaborating or at minimal supporting each others artistry we could all collectively achieve the unbelievable and especially with the workshop projects we get to collectively inspire the world for the better.

and possibly create a new way Art is seen from approach to appreciation. 

The aims to develop Inxsanixty art into a full blown art institution


photograhed by @angel_bnm

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